Saint Cloud State University Local 753

Council 5's Legislative Goals for 2016


Approving a long-term, comprehensive statewide transportation plan to address immediate needs and plan for future growth, including increased funding for new construction, road and bridge improvements, rural and metropolitan transit, and bike/pedestrian routes. Ensuring the plan includes general fund appropriations for our work in maintenance, design and inspection.

Budget surplus

Using the nearly $1.9 billion state surplus to benefit everyone, rather than slashing public spending and rewarding the wealthy. Investing the surplus in transportation, education, and safe workplaces. Increasing Local Government Aid and County Program Aid to help communities avoid property tax hikes.

Safe Staffing

Hiring more employees who work with developmentally delayed and mentally ill patients. Alleviating unsafe conditions caused by an increase in more dangerous patients; a decrease in staff tools available to maintain a safe environment; stagnant staffing levels; and forced overtime.


Protecting defined-benefit pension plans that give workers a stable, guaranteed amount of money each month to retire with dignity.

Private prisons

Banning privately-owned prisons and stopping the Corrections Corporation of America’s attempt to re-open the Prairie Correctional Facility in Appleton. Pushing for better alternatives to deal with the growing prison population, such as reforming sentencing guidelines.



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